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Products and Services
This division of ours makes Ralco a single point for various requirements of all types of steel buildings and cladding by offering the client multiple choices in choosing cladding colours.
Our state of the art production facility with a annual capacity of 60,000 tons can offer a range of colours to match every architectural design situation.Polyester,PVF2 coatings are available on galvanized steel,aluminum and zinc/aluminum alloy coated steel.
Coil coating is a linear process by which protective organic coating are applied to flat metal sheets or strips packaged in rolls or coils.The metal strip is sent through a coating application station,where rollers coat one or both sides of the metal strip.The strip then passes through an oven where the coatings are dried and cured.As the strip exit's the oven, it is cooled by water spray again dried.

Ralco offers continuous coil coating liquid paint application on substrates such as Aluminum,Galvanized iron(GI),Galcalume(Aluzinc)using paint system such as plyester,PVDF,Plastisol and polyamides with colours of clients choice.
This state-of -the -Art coil coating plant uses the technical colloboration from UK using best breed equipments from Italy,India,UK etc
Note:This specification can be different according to the requirement of buyer.Some layers also can be omitted dur to the usage of products.
Coating Systems: TMP/SMP/SDP/PVDF/PU/Epoxy etc..,capable of manufacturing in both uni-coat and multi-coat systems.
Removal of oil,crease washing and chemical treatment layer,this layer accomodates special layer that upgrades durability,corrosion resistance and adhesion on the surface of the substrate.
This layer is an auxilary one that aims to give good adhesion through chemical interaction with grand layer on chemically-treated metal sheet.To improve corrosion resistance to corrosion,temperature and formability,it is specially coated with epoxy acrylic or plyester resin.Its coating thickness is approximately 5+/-micron.
As a special coating layer of polyester or PVDF resin coated on the primer,this has a high degree of those properties including durability,anti-corrosion,chemical resistance,formablity and mechanical propety,as well as unique coating thickness due to highly sophisticated coating mehod and beautiful appearance.Itd coating thickness is approximately 20_/-micron.
This is epoxy polyester type special coating that is coated on chemically-trated substrates.It puts great emphasis on the improvement of resistance to temperatue and corrosion of back side.Its thikness is approximately 5-7 micron.
Galvanised Steel Galvalume Aluminum
  As per IS 277:2003 As per ASTM A 792/A 792M-08 Alloy AA 3105/8011
Tensil Strength 240/350/550 Mpa 350/550 / Mpa As per Alloy
Thickness range(TCT) 0.14-0.9 mm 0.2-0.8 mm 0.18-1.2 mm
Width (mm)

750-1250 mm
(Standard-1220 mm)

900-1200 mm 750-1250 mm
(Standard-1220 mm)
Coil weight (MT) 3-6 MT 3-6 MT 2-3 MT
Coil ID 508 mm/610 mm 508 mm/610 mm 508 mm/610 mm
Metal Coating 120 GSM or higher as per customer specifications AZ70-AZ150 or as per customer specifications None needed
Primer (microns) Upto 8 microns.
Back Coat (microns) Upto 8 microns.
Top Coat (microns) Upto 18-20 microns.(Above caoting thickness are standard and any specific requirements can also be coated).

Guard film(Optional)

40 microns or as per customer specifications.

Typical Applictions Typical Applictions
Roofing,walling,ceiling Components Roofing,walling,ceiling Components
Typical Properties of Coating Typical Properties of Coating
Nominal Total Dry Film Thickness 20 Nominal Total Dry Film Thickness 20
Scratch Resistance IS 101 Scratch Resistance IS 101
1500gms 1500gms
Flexbility (No Crack) Reverse Impact Flexbility (No Crack) Reverse Impact
IS 14246:1995
40 in/ibs
IS 14246:1995
40 in/ibs
Bend Diameter Bend Diameter
2T Is 4266:1995
(T=Substrate Thickness)
2T Is 4266:1995
(T=Substrate Thickness)
Corrosion Resistance Corrosion Resistance
1 Salt Spray EAAC-T-F
750 hours
1 Salt Spray EAAC-T-F
750 hours
2 Humidity ECCA-T-F 2 Humidity ECCA-T-F
1000-hours 1000-hours
QUV Weathering Test
QUV Weathering Test
1000 hours ECCA-T-10 1000 hours ECCA-T-10
Colours Available Colours Available
Wide range of request Wide range of request
Substrates available Substrates available
GI/GL/Aluminium GI/GL/Aluminium
Products Strengths Products Strengths
Good exterior durability.Good Flexibility and Temperatue stability. Good exterior durability.Good Flexibility and Temperatue stability.
Product Limitations Product Limitations
Medium life product which exhibits Slight chalking and colour change in high UV environments. Excellent resistance to animal,Vegetable fats and oils,petroleum oils and aliphatic Hydrocarbons.Good stain resistance.Good Colour retention.The inert fluorine modified Coating is based on Kynar 500 resin developed by Pennwalt Corporation.
Life to first maintenance Life to first maintenance
In most temperate environments a life to first maintenance of the coating of 5-7 years can be expected In most temperate environments a life to first maintenance of the coating of 5-7 years can be expected
Test Results Test Method
Resistance to Chemical Corrosion(5% NaOH & 5% H2S04) Good ECCA-T-18
Solvent rub(MEK) Min 100 double rub AICC-23
Erichsen cupping test >6 mm Is-10175 (82)
Gloss at 60 degrees depending on finish 80-85/25-30 ECCA-T-4
These pre coated coils find their applications in the Roofing & Cladding,Building Materials,Ceilings,Rolling Shutters,Furnitures,Cold storage,Automotives,White goods to name a few.Particularly for the construction industry we can offer widest range of colours.There is an attractive solution to every architectural design solution.(to be moved after specifications)
1. Environment Friendly
2 Cost-Effective
3 Uniformity Of Paint Thickness
4 Superb Automotive Type Finish
5 Outstanding Adhesion Properties
6 Durable And Long Lasting
7 Easy To Use Forming And Fabricating
8 Available In Wide Range Of Colours
9 Numerous Different Paint System
10 Proper Coating Of Edges
11 Superiors Resistance Of Corrosion
12 Efficient Process With Less Wastage
13 Consumes Less Energy Than Conventional Process
14 Easy Recycling Of Process Materials
15 Gives A Continuity Of Colour
16 Practical And Efficient System.
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