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Steel Building Structure

Automated Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) is the future for India.  Most of the Indian business community is just started to realize the benefits of PEB’s.  where you have been building with concrete for as long as anyone can remember, it is difficult to change. However Indias most progressive companies are seeing the benefits of PEB’s.

1. Faster Completion time
2. Less expensive in the future
3. Easier to expand in the future
4. More usable interior space
5. Larger clear spans available
6. 100% recyclable products

Pre-Engineered buildings are becoming common places as India continues its expansion. Today PEBs cover an ever expanding portion of the building market as it provides many benefits over conventional construction.

PEB system is flexible by nature. Automated design systems allow changes with eases. Even when in a matter of minutes. Another advantage is that PEB systems are analyzed taking the entire building into consideration. This concept allows the various aspects of the building to work together to transfer loads and provide rigidity. Looking at the building envelope and not each part individually greatly enhances the ability to reduce the weight of the structure, while always maintaining appropriate safety factors.

The PEB industry is fast paced. Customers has come to expect prompt turn-around on project estimate, a quick building delivery schedule and immediate occupation timeline. Todays PEB market has expanded to almost any building type or use. Its obviously staple has been industrial or warehouse buildings. However the PEB structure is ideally suited for anything from small storage sheds to multilevel office and airplanes hangars to automobile showrooms.

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